Belkin reveals Advance N900 DB router, keeps your MW3 marathon top priority with IntelliStream

By Billy Steele posted Jan 8th 2012 12:00PM

Belkin has added another wireless networking kit to it’s N-series lineup here at CES. The company has announced its Advance N900 DB, a dual band WiFi router capable of 450Mbps speeds per band. Featuring six MultiBeam antennas, the tech makes watching Hulu Plus from your basement much easier and looks to cut down on those pesky dead spots. Also outfitted with IntelliStream, the device automatically prioritizes video and gaming streams and houses a 600MHz multi-thread processor that multitasks across all networked devices. For connected storage or wireless printers, the N900 packs two USB 2.0 ports enabling access to those peripherals from workstations other than your desk. If you’re looking to take the leap, the router will be available for pre-order this month and at retailers in April, setting you back two Benjamins.

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