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Residential, and commercial repair, malware removal, upgrades, installation, configuration, routers, servers, clients, kiosks, IP cameras, VOIP, Point Of Sale (POS), web site design, eBay store, free estimates, 90% of service calls are less than $50 


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Mike’s Computer Shop was founded in 1993 by me; Michael Tibbs Jr. Way back in ’92, I was a computer enthusiast, and an early adopter of a newly emerging technology known as the internet. I created it as a way to exchange information with other computing enthusiasts, but over time it developed into a small, home based business.

I’ve come a long way since then. And I have done a tremendous amount of work, either directly; or indirectly, for such prestigious companies as IBM, Morgan Stanley, Key Bank, State Farm, Target, Old Navy, Best Buy, CitiFinancial, Allstate, Home Depot, Ford, and Election Systems & Software, just to name a few.
Give me a call, or send an email, and let’s discuss what I can do for you.

I am a Desert Storm Vet., world traveler, and a 20+ year veteran of the technology & electronics industry.

I love my Chihuahua’s, sweet wines, deep thoughts, and quiet time at home.

Mike’s other sites:

Mike’s Blog – http://michaeltibbsjr.blogspot.com/
Mike’s Flickr Photo Stream – http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaeltibbsjr/
Mike’s Livestream – http://www.livestream.com/michaeltibbsjr
Mike’s EBay Site – http://members.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=mikescomputershopanderson
Mike’s MySpace Page – http://www.myspace.com/463449714
Mike’s YouTube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/michaeltibbsjr
Google Voice # – (317) 721-7120